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Anti-counterfeiting activities start from here

Only if we insist on using high-end brand products, not petty, fakes will be less and less!
Why we should take anti-counterfeiting activity
1, the product quality is good or bad related to the interests of consumers, consumers buy the product needed is genuine goods, a lot of fakes shoddy reach the requirements, so that consumers waste of money! Rights are not guaranteed.
2, genuine relationship to the benefits of the formal product manufacturers, many workshops factory, pure ism, brand-name products directly used according to the way of production from the market, and then paste the logo famous! But everyone knows there are a lot of substandard quality! Not only undermines the credibility of the regular factory interests, but also hurt the feelings of consumers

In order to ensure the interests of consumers, iStick.org recommended to buy products on the regular site.Try to buy at the official website, also you can buy product at official autorized online store.And first you must ensure it have perfect after-sales service, can help you solve the problem in time.

So if you want to buy a iStick product, you can visit official autorized online store:http://www.istick.org. all the products are genuine.
perfect after-sales service at their facebook page, you can contact them at there!

In addition, the latest iStick new products have been added to the end, such as Eleaf iSitck New Product: iStick TC40W and iStick 100W, you can click here to know more about them.

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