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Mini 20W , Fake Products !

There is one thing you should tell you friends that is if you seem Mini 20W in some web site , the products must a fake .
In recent, I found Mini 20w appeared on the market.But have you ever seen Mini 20W at Eleafworld.com , if you are a Eleaf iStick fans you must know that there is such kind of produncts in the Eleafworld.com , as we all know that Eleafworld.com is the only one of Eleaf official site.you can search any product of Eleaf at there.

iSmoka iStick 20W Version with a fashionable metallic appearance. With a compact size, you can hold that in the palm, much more convenient for usage and portability. Four bright colors with powerful functions. The highlight is the incremental OLED screen.

Any questions you can ask at their Professional facebook page https://www.facebook.com/istick.org , someone would answer you as soon as possible!

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