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How TO Make A Budget For Vaping ?

While many people who're new to vaping get'sticker shock' when they see the prices of various MODS and other setups, vaping actually can be very budget friendly.

The best alternative to buying new, is buying a used Box MOD. While you'll still want to purchase a new battery, a good quality used MOD can be purchased at a steep discount. From that point, all you'll need is a tank that has a rebuildable coil, and e-liquid.

If you're unable to find a used Box MOD, starting off with a pen-style vape is very budget friendly as the adjustable wattage pen batteries are significantly cheaper than a box MOD.

When it comes to choosing a tank, there are several options. Many tanks have the option to purchase prefabricated coils. These will vary in lifespan however, so it best to do your research if you want to purchase a tank with replaceable rather than rebuildable coils. The replaceable coils can range from a few dollars each to $10+ each. Some of these replaceable coils will only last a few days, while others can last for months (of course this is dependent on frequency of usage). Before you purchase a tank, research the longevity of the coils for the particular tank you're looking at.

The real benefit to purchasing rebuildable coils are the savings on the coils. Organic cotton can be purchased cheaply and in bulk, as can the metal coils that the cotton is threaded through or around. Learning to build your own coils takes time and practice, so don't be discouraged if you struggle to get it right at first.

When it comes to choosing your e-juice, there are many budget options to choose from. The important thing to keep in mind is that different setups function best with different types of e-juice (PG vs VG vs a mix of PG and VG). So again it's best to do your research on which type of e-juice you should get. Another alternative is to purchase e-juice in bulk. After getting some experience with what you like, another way to keep it budget friendly is to mix your own e-juice.

Since less than 2% of the world doesn't have to worry about money, hopefully some of the above will help you keep your costs down. While vaping can have a high cost to get started, the long term financial benefit vs. smoking cigarettes is very real and significant.

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