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Are you feeling a little sleep deprived?

We both love to eat. With Weight Watchers Online, we learned a lot about portion sizes, and what our plates should look like. That's my favorite thing about this Plan. There's nothing you can’t eat. I've had friend do the no-carb thing and that's just not realistic.

Being from Texas we really love Mexican food: tacos, guacamole, queso, enchiladas, all of it. I can still have all of my favorite foods, just not in the huge portions I was eating before. Now I can make you enchiladas that are values each that will blow your mind. It's little things like swapping egg whites for whole eggs that don’t really sacrifice flavor, but really make a difference.

The competitive edge

Surprisingly, our weight loss never turned into a competition. We were always just rooting each other on. We ended up reaching our goals about the same time, so it was great to be able to go shopping together without getting bummed out that stores wouldn't have our size.

Inspiring others

Now that I've been successful, my co-workers will all ask what I'm having for lunch. The ongoing joke is that they call me the “Pied Piper” because everyone sort of lines up behind me to see what I'm eating because they know it will be a healthy choice.

We've both had a few friends join Weight Watchers Online after seeing our success. That's been so motivational and encouraging to be able to have a group of us all making healthier choices for our lives.

On Plan on the go

I'm a church youth director. I'm pretty busy and I sometimes eat meals in the car. That really led to my gaining weight over the years. I knew if I continued on that path, I was going to be really big, really fast.

The mobile app and all the eTools were really helpful. I work a lot of nights and never really had time to go to the gym. Tracking on-the-go is just the best option for me.

Never looking back

Our parents were so thrilled when we lost the weight. They loved seeing us happier. Weight Watchers Online taught me how to not only lose weight, but to have a healthier lifestyle. I'm never going back. I've bought too many fabulous clothes to ever gain weight like that again.

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