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Redefining Sexy: To Each Their Own!

At the beginning of the month, Les Gros Bonnets asked a pretty big question for the world of bra bloggers: How do we redefine "sexy"? She has a whole roundup of other posts for you lovely readers to mull over, but I decided to take a stab at what I consider "sexy" to be, for me personally.

I know that at a size 12/14, I'm not what everyone considers to be sexy. I also know that at a size 5/6 (which is what I was back in high school), I wasn't what everyone considers to be sexy. To me, sexy is in the eye of the beholder.

I don't have a physical type. If you lined up all the guys I have found to be attractive, you'd wonder why the heck they were all standing next to each other. Tall, short, skinny, fat, bearded, clean-shaven, white, black, Chinese... they don't really have a whole lot in common on the outside.

So what did I like about them? Their personality. To me, that's where someone's sexual allure really comes out. I've known plenty of conventionally attractive guys who couldn't get my engines revved to save their lives. I'm into emotional connections. I'm really, really drawn to confidence and excellent senses of humor.

So how does that translate into fashion? What makes me feel sexy? Wearing things that I love that are comfortable and make me feel confident.

I cannot tell you how badass and amazing I feel in these high-waisted bottoms. They are so comfortable and so completely unique and amazing... I always feel like a rock star. They come right up to my natural waist and sit really well.

I bought these tights recently, and it is so incredibly nice to have colored tights that fit over my bum. They are completely amazing and I highly recommend them! They're soft and are of excellent quality. They also make my legs look fantastic. I wish my legs were purple because of these tights.

This was the first perfume I ever bought for myself. I still love it completely, to this day. It's a beautiful fragrance that lingers but feels light and effortless. I don't feel like I'm ever choking people around me with my scent, and it makes me feel really good about how I smell.

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