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Being A Mum and Why There's No Such thing As 'WAG' Style

Abbey Clancy Interview 2015: The Model On Her New Fashion Line, Being A Mum, And Why There's No Such Thing As 'WAG' Style

With a career spanning catwalks across the world, designing her own clothing line, and her new post as head judge on Britain's Next Top Model, it's safe to say Abbey Clancy knows or thing or two about fashion.

Her style is glam yet accessible, and it's this aspect that Clancy has played upon in her new range for Matalan - her fourth collection for the high street brand, and a range she describes as "perfect for party season."

Clancy's marriage to footballer Peter Crouch has seen the couple become somewhat British tabloid royalty - but the term WAG is one she has never identified with.

"There is no such thing as a WAG uniform," she told HuffPost UK Style . 'There are so many different girls all over the world who are married to footballers and they all look great and have their own individual style."
Abbey Clancy models a dress from her new Matalan collection
Clancy admitted she's never been a fan of the beautiful game: "My brother's a footballer and I was dragged to matches as a child, standing in the pouring rain on the sides of fields," she said.

"Pete has no interest in hair and makeup and lipgloss and dresses, either. But I think that's healthy – we have so much more in common than our work."

The couple share two daughters, four-year-old Sophia and five-month-old Liberty Rose, and Clancy revealed being a mum has changed her famous fashion sense.

"I can't be walking round in sky scraper heels and mini skirts now," she laughs. "I have to be comfy and practical when I'm with the kids.

"I tend to go for what's clean and hanging up in my wardrobe now, rather than planning outfits. I have got no time for that!"

It's being comfortable that Clancy says is her biggest fashion secret: "My best advice is to avoid trends and just go with whatever suits your body shape," she said.
"If a giant tutu is the biggest thing this season, but it looks crap on you, don't wear it.

"Confidence and being yourself are what's beautiful. Beauty comes in loads of different shapes and sizes – we can all look good and feel happy."
Clancy poses with models wearing her new range at the Matalan Oxford Street store today
The mother of two will be back on our TV screens next year as she makes her return to Britain's Next Top Model, the show that kick started her career (Clancy was a finalist on the 2006 cycle).

This time, she's taking her place as head judge, and she's keen to impart her industry knowledge on aspiring young models.

"Get a good agency and know what the job entails," she said. "It's not just standing looking pretty for a picture, it's a lifestyle choice - you need to be fit, healthy, and have stamina.

"Be totally in love what you’re doing because it is grueling hard work, you'll find yourself in some ridiculous and uncomfortable locations. You need a thick skin too; it's a career with a lot of rejection."

But her parting words are positive ones: "Be confident, believe in yourself and keep going because there's something out there for everyone."

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