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Just Taking A Look At The Eleaf iStick 50W Here !

Let's taking a look at the Eleaf iStick 50W which is addition to the popular iStick e-cig lineup.
This is the big brother of the iStick 30 but still manages to pack lots of power into a compact body.

If you have used or seen the 20W iStick then you will be familiar with the shape and look of the 50W version. The only difference is, obviously, that the 50W version is a chunkier, weightier device. With a huge 4400 mAh battery this is to be expected. Having said that, the size is still compact and the added weight actually makes it feel like a much more robust bit of kit.

The curves make the iStick fit the palm of the hand perfectly making it a comfortable device to hold. The power button sits on the same place with the watt/volt selector buttons now sit on the front face of the body with the OLED screen just below. I went for the blue which I think looks great, it is also available in black, silver and pink.

The button locations are all good and the annoying rattle from previous models seems to have been rectified. The only thing that hits me as not so great initially is the screen size and brightness. I will say though I’ve just been using the MVP 3 for the last week and the display on that big fella is superb. With that in mind maybe I'm being too fussy but still, with a bigger device the screen could have been larger.

The display is the same as the 20W with battery capacity indicator, atomiser resistance, volt/watt output and of course your voltage/wattage setting. The functions themselves are also similar apart from one main improvement. Pressing the two arrow selector buttons together for a couple of seconds will lock the screen without shutting down the device. This just ensures you don't accidentally change your settings as right handers will have the arrows sat palm inwards when vaping.The 5 button on/off is still there as well.

Changing from volts to watts, or vice versa, is done by simply pressing the power button three times. From here you can use the arrow buttons to select up or down to choose your preferred setting. Due to the variable voltage and wattage settings being larger – 2V-10V and 5W-50W output range – the iStick does allow you to run through the settings pretty quick by simply keeping one of the arrow buttons pressed.

The watts can move in 0.5W increments and the volts in 0.1 increments. The automatic scrolling through the numbers from the 20W has been done away with which wasn't something I saw as being particularly useful.

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