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Does the electronic cigarette is useful for quitting smoking?

Is electronic cigarette useful? Electronic cigarettes, also known as virtual cigarettes and electronic atomizers, are primarily used to quit smoking and replace cigarettes. It has the same appearance as a cigarette, a taste similar to that of a cigarette, and even more than the taste of a normal cigarette. It also sucks out cigarettes and sucks out taste and feel like a cigarette. Now let me tell you if the e-cigarette is useful.

Composition structure:
Their basic structure is generally composed of three parts: battery rods, atomizers, and smoke bombs. There are also two parts: the battery rod, atomizer smoke bomb, the so-called second-generation electronic cigarette.

Quit smoking principle:
Electronic cigarettes use the most common nicotine replacement therapy in the world, which is to gradually reduce the inhalation of nicotine by smokers. It is generally reduced from high to low. However, even if the highest concentration of nicotine is only 1/3 of that of ordinary cigarettes, it can avoid dependence on electronic cigarettes. According to incomplete statistics, e-cigarettes should be the highest success rate of smoking cessation among various products of nicotine replacement therapy. In addition to nicotine replacement therapy, he also has one of the biggest advantages, that is, does not change the habitual movement of smoking, as the saying goes, He can also satisfy the smoker's mouth addiction. This is very important, because a large part of the smokers is unable to escape this habitual movement and has not been able to quit smoking successfully.

Scope of application:
1. Applicable crowd:
①Long-term smoking and feeling bad.
②Long-term work in smoking places and smoking habits.
③There are willing to quit smoking.

2. Applicable places:
①It can be used for various non-smoking places such as trains, theaters, hospitals, and libraries.
②Available with gas stations, forest farms and other fire-fighting and fire prevention units.

3. Minors under the age of 18 are prohibited from using electronic cigarettes.

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