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Vaporesso Luxe 220W Mod - Compact and Powerful!



If you are looking for something to update your vape device, you can not miss the Vaporesso Luxe 220W Mod. The device is an exquisite, compact, and powerful box mod. Measuring just 7.8mm by 29.5mm by 86mm, the Luxe 220W Mod is very comfortable to grasp and fits perfectly in the palm. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, the Vaporesso LUXE is capable of 220w maximum output. The batteries can be recharged via a micro USB port, and the maximum 2.5A quick charge makes the charging time shorter than ever. Besides, the mod utilizes an interchangeable magnetic battery door, which makes battery replacement easier. 

On the front control face, you will see a massive 2-inch full-color display that features touch screen technology. Vape data is vertically oriented and includes two battery bars, current wattage or temperature output, resistance, puff counts, puff time, atomizer resistance, and more. In addition, driven by the advanced Omniboard 4.0, the mod can reach up to 0.001s firing rate. It also provides a myriad of modes such as variable voltage mode, bypass mode, power mode, temperature mode as well as TCR mode.

Vaporesso Luxe 220W Mod Parameters:

Size: 47.8x29.5x86mm

Display: 2.0-inch full-view TFT screen

Battery Type: 2x18650 cells (Not included)

Power Range: 5-220W

Resistance Range: 0.03-5Ω

Thread: 510 thread

The package of Vaporesso Luxe 220W Mod comes with:

1 x Luxe Mod

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Guide

1 x Warranty Card

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Overview If you ...
  概述   如果你正在寻找一些更新vape设备,你不能错过Vaporesso奢华220 w Mod。设备是一个精致,紧凑,国防部和强大的盒子。身高仅7.8毫米,29.5毫米到86毫米,奢华220 w国防部非常合身舒适的掌握和手掌。18650年由双电池,Vaporesso奢侈的220 w最大输出。电池可以通过微型USB接口充电,快速充电2.5和最大比以往任何时候都使充电时间短。此外,国防部利用一个可互换的磁电池门,这使得电池更换容易。         在控制面前,你将看到一个巨大的2英寸全彩显示器,触摸屏技术特性。Vape数据是面向垂直的,包括两个电池酒吧、电流功率或温度输出,阻力,吹牛,吹牛,雾化器阻力等等。此外,由先进的Omniboard 4.0,国防部可以达到0.001 s燃烧率。它还提供了各种各样的模式,如可变电压模式下,旁路模式、动力模式,温度模式以及识别模式。            Vaporesso奢华220 w模参数:   大小:47.8 x29.5x86mm      显示:2.0英寸全视图TFT屏幕      电池类型:2 x18650电池(不包括)      功率范围:5 - 220 w      电阻范围:0.03 - 5Ω      线程:510线程            Vaporesso奢华220 w国防部的计划有:   1 x的国防部      1 x USB电缆      1 x用户指南      1 x保修卡      你可以学到更多,得到一个特殊的价格从Vaporesso奢华220 w国防部。

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