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Basic Knowledge of Disposable Electronic Cigarette

As the name suggests, disposable electronic cigarettes refer to the e-cigars which you can only use it for the limited number of puffs. But you don't need to recharge your batteries or to substitute the smoke cartridge, which likes a disposable chopstick that we just throw it away after use. It maintains the basic elements of the normal e-cigarettes, such as battery, atomizer, cartridge and so on. As we have talked about the shortcomings of electronic cigarette, some remarkable features should be noted too.

1. The equipment is more convenient.
As is known to all that disposable electronic cigarettes do not have USB ports or anything like that. So people do not need to charge it or replace the cigarette cartridge. Therefore, vapers can just take one ecig without any substitutions enclosed, which is time saving and space saving.

2. The performance is more stable.
Because of the fully enclosed design, some works, such as cleaning, replacement and charge can be omitted. Generally speaking, the original binding is more acceptable than any other fitting. Furthermore, most original accessories of a disposable electronic cigarette are well tested. Certainly, the performance must be excellent with the producers' guarantee..

3. The capacity of e-liquid is larger.
Researches have showed that disposable e-cigarettes can reach up to 5-8 times the volume of charged e-cigarettes. Then the conclusion can be easily made that the disposable ecig can be used longer than the rechargeable e-cigar each time. In addition, data revealed that disposable electronic cigarettes battery is powerful enough to support more than 40 ordinary cigarettes.

All above are some features of disposable electronic cigarette from my personal view. Maybe it can give you some advice on deciding whether you should take one-time electronic cigarettes or not, or even choose what kinds of e-cigar. After this article, you may rethink all the features of disposable e-cigars and have a more deep understanding.

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