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What Do You Do When Your Legs Are Rough?

Women will never be particularly satisfied with their body, often detest their fat legs. Thick leg is a fatal injury to female. So how to stovepipe?

1. Ginger water bath
First of all, you should break the ginger, and then put then into hot water bath. After you have a bath, first rub stovepipe cream and then massage the legs.

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2. Turn on the bicycle backwards
The bicycle can be propped up with the power of the waist, so that the muscles of the thighs are stronger. When your feet in the air, you need to pay attention to the position of the hand, because parallel hands can help the body to maintain a certain balance, so as to avoid injury to yourself in sports.

3. Salt method
Take a cup of salt to add hot water mix into a paste. Before taking a bath every day, paint them on the body until not fall off, and then apply them to the parts that  you want to slim. About ten minutes later, and then use hot water to rinse salt, finally begin to take a shower.
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