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Nevoks Angus RDA Kit appears!

A small body, strong power, is Nevoks Angus RDA Kit

It owns a large 1700mAh built-in battery with max power 60W.As the ignition time is only 0.01s, you can enjoy the powerful and much cloud very soon. You can use it for around 2-3 days without charging.

There are three gears wattages: little, medium and high. Just press the fire button 3 times to adjust the power level and customize your clouds and nicotine hit.

Another special feature is Angus’s unprecedented slide design, which is developed for extreme stability and playability. 

Last but not least, Nevoks Angus applies special square RDA for new and better vape experience. Vapers also can enjoy the fun or convenience of DIY building.

Price: $20.8 Nevoks Angus RDA Kit ( with Code: ANGUS at Sourcemore )
       Compared with $35.50 at Heavengifts
                                 $33.99  at Vapesouring

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