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Tesla P20 Pod is not a simple Kit!

Tesla P20 is a pen-style pod system kit. However, it has many innovations.

P20 symbols safer, healthier and no tar. Adopting baby food-grade material pod, it can be bottom refilled. What's more, the double leak-proof structure is at the bottom of the pod.

With sense, Tesla P20 Pod can be as low as 0.0001 standard atmospheric pressure changes. Besides, it chooses new atomizing heating technology with organic cotton and 316L coil for more natural and pure tastes.

Moreover, Tesla P20 is compatible with a variety of flavors, which will bring you wonderful and unforgettable vaping time.  Finally, traditional multiple protections are also on this P20 Kit.

Price: $9.99 Tesla P20 Pod Kit with Code: P20 at Sourcemore

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