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Six Fitness Resons

What should go to the gym for a workout?I have what benefits of fitness?What is in front of the mirror, see myself wearing the new dress, enjoy yourself, with lines of slim figure even more wonderful things, fitness besides posture yourself good-looking, more helpful for people's health, the following nine reasons, can let you don't fall in love with the fitness is difficult!
1. To change your mood
Fitness can let your heart felt okay, endocrine brain endorphins (endorphin) can make us feel happy mood, anxiety, stress release, feel happier, more relaxed!
2.Exercise helps us sleep better
The National Sleep Foundation (National Sleep Foundation), new research says regardless of the time of the gym in the morning, noon and night, 67% people with exercise habits, the Sleep quality is better than no fitness habits of people in the middle of the night!
3 .Enhance memory
We all hope you have a good memory to face the problem of work or exams, latest behavior Research published in the journal (journal Behavioral Brain Research) studies have shown that aerobic exercise can increase blood hormonal increase on memory!
4.Reduce cancer
For movement didn't know the exact mechanism of lower Cancer risk, but the National Cancer Institute, National Cancer Institute) statistic that people often exercise lower Cancer risk.
5.More confident
When they discovered their bodies become good-looking, or found their own strength, absolutely let a person naturally exudes a confident beauty!
6. To job performance
For 19803 workers last year, according to the report have the habit of working to firm performance than colleagues without exercise in creativity, presentation ability, well productivity by an average of 50%, the results of the study is published in the journal of public health administration, so the beginning of the year has attached more and more companies in the United States let employees use the gym!

The benefits of fitness are so much , how could you not fitness? let's fit up together!

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