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Protein And Healthy

Protein is Gerry, Dutch scientists discovered in 1838.He left the protein observed in living things cannot live.Proteins are one of the most important in biological macromolecule organic matter, accounting for 54% of the dry weight of the body.Protein is mainly composed of amino acids, with different combination arrangement of amino acid composition of the various types of protein.It is estimated that there are more than 100000 species of protein in human body.Life is advanced form of physical exercise, the exercise is done by protein, so protein has very important biological significance.The body's growth, development, movement, genetic and breeding all life activities are inseparable from the protein.Life need protein, and inseparable from the protein.

In the human body physiological active substances such as amine, neurotransmitter and peptide hormone, antibody, enzyme, nucleoprotein and cell membranes, "carrier" role of protein in the blood is inseparable from the protein, it to regulate physiological function, maintain metabolism plays an extremely important role.Composition of muscle in human movement system and muscle contraction in, work, make the action in the process of metabolism is associated with protein, left the protein, physical exercise is impossible.

In biology, protein interpreted as by amino acids linked by peptide bond formation of the peptide, and then linked by peptide form material.Easy to understand some said, it is support of the human body tissues and organs and the main material, in the human body life activity, plays an important role, can say no protein, no life activities.Daily dietary protein is mainly exists in lean meat, eggs, beans and fish.
Protein deficiency: adults: muscle weight, decreased immunity, anemia, severe cases will produce edema.Minors: growth stagnation, anemia, mental development is poor, poor vision.Protein: excessive protein cannot be stored in the body, the body to absorb more, excessive intake of protein, will have protein poisoning due to metabolic disorders and even death.

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