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Using Food For Sunscreen !

Sunscreen and food, you must be hard to put the two together.Sunscreen products are mainly caused by aging, prevent burns you are sunshine and light and the food you choose can provide nutrition for the skin and is rich in antioxidants, help further partition ultraviolet light.
There is a saying called "pomegranate stolen light".Through the research, pomegranate is food that contains the most effective antioxidants.And helps remove free radicals, from free radicals attack you often exposed skin cells.

Salmon benefits everyone knows, it can complement rich vitamin D, and vitamin D is required for human cells, because of excessive UV value will cause a decline in vitamin D in the cells, leading to skin damage and cancer.
Green tea
Green tea contains powerful antioxidant needless to say, many skin care products are beginning to add green tea polyphenols in this composition is to resist the spread of free radicals.Green tea also can protect the skin because of ultraviolet ray and cause inflammation and cancer.When you drink green tea, green tea polyphenols can distributed throughout the body, protect your tissues and organs.
Lycopene the carotenoids can increase the amount of skin collagen, it will also participate in sunscreen, carotenoids can prevent ultraviolet damage, through the study found that eating tomatoes after 10 weeks, caused by sunburn sensitivity lupus can be better.

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