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First morning cup of water saving water

Core tip: get up early the first cup of water, it is important to health.
The morning's first cup of water is very important for healthy people, more important for pregnant women. The first cup of water is the water of life, maybe you will feel terrible, in fact we speak plain is a healthy water.
Because the human body after a night of metabolism, all of the garbage body need a washing, the washing process we need to give a force, this force is to clear a cup of water, the cells of the body like a dry sponge, when the water inside of it catches, 40 minutes later, the water excretion out, a process waste water is in the metabolism of the body, is our concern detoxification.
When the body's waste out, the food we eat is the human body to absorb nutrients purification, so the morning cup of water is very important.
We say H2O without any sugar and other nutrients, the human body ate excretion, if we drink honey water there is sugar, in vivo after transformation, this process can not be quickly put away the rubbish inside the human body, the importance of this is the morning drink this cup of clear water.
Morning drink promotes three water, the first is the clear water, be sure to detoxification. Second glasses of water is lemon water, because the lemon is sour, can increase the morning appetite, and lemon molecules is very small, do not affect the metabolic process in the body, to drain the water out. There is a cup of water is brackish water, actually this glass of water on the constipation of the people is very good. This cup of water for the elderly can reduce blood viscosity.
Water molecules from the lunch hour, when is the time to noon sunlight, this is the time when human body metabolism climax, this time the first prone to is blood viscosity problem, whether young, old people, children, will appear the situation of water shortage, so we must drink this cup of water. The first cup of water is important is important here, when you get up in the night to urinate, you drink this cup of water, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, so that we inadvertently got maintenance, more important is the quality of our health.
Someone asked me a very realistic question, what you drink water? I used to drink a lot of water, such as mineral water I'm not special drink a brand, I hope everyone in the very particular about drinking water is most worried about is the source of the problem, still want to choose a clear water, hope everyone to drink mineral water is a lot of brand, multi brand is the source of the water. The background is not the same, can complement each other. Drink a brand of water, will always be the pool water, is tedious, especially when some special period to trace elements in water, we have to water often change, it is very necessary for trace element supplement a good water and better.

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