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How to lose weight thin abdomen

The body of the waist and abdomen is the most easy to long fat on the site, many people have been plagued with a belly. Entanglement to get rid of belly, you can start from the two aspects of exercise and diet.

Motion to reduce weight thin abdomen:
1, chair abdominal exercises
The operation is convenient, easy, fast effect, suitable for practicing every day or the next day to practice.
Practice: sitting in the armchair edge, both hands hold back, feeling the body seemed to be sliding down from the chair, relax Camponotus step waist, waist to try to paste the chair surface.
The first group: the feet alternately do ride bicycles action, the leg muscles to relax, a foot down the stretch, the lower the better, but can not touch the ground, the other leg bent upward, the higher the better, repeated practice, adhere to 20 the next day.
Second group: with the above position, legs bent upward at the same time, and then down the stretch at the same time, pay attention to the waist can not be on the top, should try to make the abdomen and stomach contraction, and then as close as possible, to achieve the abdomen is also tight Yi Shu, every day 20.

2, the deformation of the sit up exercise
The hypertrophy of the right lower abdomen were particularly effective.
Practices: lying in bed, the following hip stay in bed, and then his knees bent so that the top of the thigh in the abdomen. Their hands straight at your sides, palms down in the hip.
Next, the abdomen should be forced, slowly count to 10 speed, legs stretched forward, toes must be upward, making the body into a straight line, and then to count to 5 speed knees bent, thighs back to the original position.
Note that the back, shoulders and arms should be relaxed, and feel that stomach in the force.

3, abdominal contraction walk method
First of all to learn "abdominal breathing": breathing, belly up; breath, the belly tightening. For yoga or practicing voice of the people, this is a necessary training. It helps to stimulate gastrointestinal motility, promoting the body of waste discharges, smooth flow, increase lung capacity.
Methods: normal walking and standing, forced to narrow abdomen, with abdominal breathing, so that stomach muscles more compact. The first one or two days will not accustomed to, but as long as the time to remind ourselves to "abdominal contraction to lose weight," a few weeks off, not only the lower abdomen to flat, walking posture will be more attractive

4, massage
This is one of the most common abdominal weight loss method, using kneading action with massage cream for the fat, the improvement is very good. Massage can increase the skin temperature, large consumption of energy, promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce the intestinal absorption of nutrition, promote blood circulation, so that the excess water from the body.
Methods: the navel as the center, playing a question mark in the abdomen, along the question mark massage, first right after the left, the massage 30-50, massage, 1 times a day.
Diet therapy to reduce belly:
Proper diet, can promote fat metabolism, eliminate waist dewlap.

  • 1, kelp, radish soup
Efficacy: eliminating stasis and clearing stomach, promote The new supersedes the old., accelerate the abdominal fat consumption.
Material: Hawthorn 10, kelp 100 grams, sweet scented osmanthus 10 grams, 5 slices ginger, radish 300 grams.
Practice: the radish peeled and cut into small pieces, a pot of 1500 ml of water boiled after the fire put radish, seaweed, ginger, water to be re rolled to form a small fire, cooked rotten until the radishes, kelp, finally adding other raw materials wrapped with gauze, cook for 15 minutes. Every lunch and dinner soup before feeding, can also be directly when slimming food.

  • 2, crab meat burning wax gourd
Efficacy: wax gourd is low in calories, can remove excess body fat and water, is the best cellulite melons. And crab meat with, with slimming body-building effect, suitable for, disease, and patients.
Raw materials: Meat 45 grams, 200 grams of wax gourd, oil, salt, sugar, ginger, onions, Yellow Wine, water amount.
Approach: the crab in the bowl and add a little soup, put onion, ginger, steamed on the steamer for 20 minutes, wax gourd cut 3 thick slices, blanched in boiling water drain pan, pour melon slices stir out fragrance after adding steamed crab meat, pour the steamed crab soup bowl, add salt Yellow Wine, sugar, fine flavor, cook for 5 minutes, water starch thicken, you can eat 3, bambooBamboo fungus soup
Efficacy: bamboo shoots can dampness and water, is the best food for the elimination of abdominal fat, white fungus can your lung.
Raw materials: 300 grams of bamboo shoots, dried white fungus 20 grams, egg 1, salt amount, water 1000 ml.
Practice: first wash with bamboo shoots, dried Tremella remove stalks, egg into the bowl stir into a paste; water pot boil, pour the egg paste, add bamboo shoots, tremella, burning low heat five minutes, seasoning with salt can be eaten. Every lunch and dinner soup before feeding, can also be directly when the diet food.

Want to own belly thin come down, must have the determination to oh!

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