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Healthy salad taboos and DOS

If you think that salad is a nice diet food, think again. Lots of ingredients that they throw in to the salad bowl are filled with fat and calories. In addition, salad has a positive halo effect that can make it harder to exercise portion control. That is, they think it‘s healthy so they eat much of it.
So should you to remove salad from your every week menu? No.  learn to make a healthier salad. Use this list of dos and don'ts when you visit the salad bar or generate your own salad at home.

Healthy Salad Dos and Don'ts
Don't forget to add leafy dark greens to your salad for color and nutritional impact. Arugula is filled with flavor and full of nutrients. Add spinach to your salad to get an additional dose of protein and fiber.

Do keep in mind to add iceberg lettuce, as well. Food snobs detest iceberg lettuce. But chilled, chopped iceberg can add crunch and volume to your salad without adding calories.
Don't be limited to typical salad ingredients like cucumber, tomato and celery. This stuff are often bland and require to be covered in dressing for flavor.

Do get creative and add as lots of flavors as feasible. Red peppers, yellow squash, orange carrot shavings, purple heirloom potatoes, even bright green kiwi will add crunch and  flavor to your salad. and the bright colors will make your salad look nice, .
Don’t add high fat meats. You can add chicken or beef to your salad, but be cautious about the cut of the meat and the preparation method. Skip the fried, breaded or crispy chicken, and stay away from ground beef.
Do add lean protein like diet friendly hard-boiled eggs, lean cuts of beef such as sliced tenderloin or flank steak or leucine-rich chicken breast. Fish is another great addition.  Try salmon or tuna to get a boost of healthy fat.
Don’t go crazy with toppings.  A healthy salad can become a high fat diet disaster with the addition of croutons, bacon bits, cheese or high-fat salad dressings.  If you add a crunchy topping, measure it before spooning it on and only add a single serving.

Do select a healthy fat and add it sparingly. The calories in avocado add up quickly although the food provides healthy fat. The same goes for low fat cheese, or a "healthy" yogurt salad dressing. In the event you like creamy dressings, make your own ranch style dressing so that you can control the ingredients and keep the fat and calorie content in control.

Remember, nothing is healthy if you eat too much of it. Exercise moderation when you make your salad.  It’s a great way to get your daily dose of healthy vegetables and an even better way to clean out your refrigerator.

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