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In front of the computer for 7 powerful radiation plants

Cactus is a stem, leaf, flower have higher ornamental value, traditional cactus in the desert by planting and aquatic plants mutation produced hydroponic cactus, you can appreciate its tender roots, but also can see the lovely small fish move from root to be good to hear or see, indeed. It is the art of flower water culture.
Immortal means
The immortal usually ornamental plants, blossom period is long, be home furnishings or suspension. It was, rather plump shape, color, and open to the public during the Spring Festival, is the rare indoor appreciate flowers.
Cacti and Succulents
Cactus nickname -- "lazy plant", the cultivation of plants of this kind without too much care and care, hydroponic cactus is easy to maintenance, because the cactus grows in the strong sunshine place, so the anti ultraviolet radiation ability is specially strong. Hydroponic cactus due to clean, no odor. If you put one or two pots of cactus in hydroponic culture by your computer, radiation can help the body to minimize the absorption computer release. Because the cactus is grown in the strong sunshine place, so the ability to absorb radiation particularly strong.
Ficus benjamina
These plants exhibit many excellent properties. It can increase the humidity of the room is good for our skin and respiratory. At the same time, it also can absorb formaldehyde, xylene and ammonia and purifying turbid air. In addition, the small leaf of Ficus benjamina makes them the beautiful room decoration, it is often used to create a cheerful atmosphere of interior designers.
Epipremnum aureum
Through a process similar to photosynthesis, it can make the fabric, the release of toxic substances in the smoke into the wall and its plant material.Pothos beautiful heart-shaped leaves with the unique decoration, especially when it is hanging on the hanging pot outside.
Dracaena marginata
It attractive appearance, and the office dim drying ability to adapt to the environment by the interior designer's favorite. With a little care for it, it will be long time growth, and bring the air quality.
Restrain harmful substances in the aspects of other plants are difficult to put on a par with Cordyline stricta. Leaves and roots can absorb benzene, toluene, trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde, which is divided into non-toxic substances.
Hylocereus undatus
Climbing shrub, plant height of 3-6 cm three, stem quadrangular, branched, margin with wavy, forms the angle shaped grown, with Small Sag, long 1-3 were not obvious small thorn, with aerial roots.
Flowers large, sepals, base commissural growth, large scale tubular cable lanceolate, outside yellow green flowers, there are white, florescence summer, open in the evening, time is very short, with fragrance.
For the sake of your health, put a cactus in the computer side.........

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