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Honey to lose weight, please pay attention to four issues (especially MM)

1, the morning drink honey water stress
After getting up in the morning to drink a cup of honey water, can promote defecate while supplementing moisture, but still suggest that you early in the morning to drink a cup of boiling water. Because the drink honey water, in vivo in the fructose to go through the human body metabolism is converted to glucose In order to be absorbed by human body, thus lost the cleaning body internal environment effect. Drink white boiling water after 10 minutes to drink honey water, loses weight the effect will be better.

2, drink honey water to moderate
Drink honey water day is best not more than 10-30 grams. Summer is suitable to drink honey water season, moderate drinking honey water, can relieve summer heat detoxification, prevent constipation, help defecation. Note that, honey, do not use hot water brewing,Or will the loss of vitamin, reduced the nutritional value of honey, can use warm water brewing, but it is best to use cold boiled water.

3, honey to lose weight frequency
If you just want to recuperate intestines and stomach, then one day a week is enough honey to lose weight. If long time use of honey diet, three meals a day to eat honey words, is not very good for the body. However, three days of honey Fertilizer to want to lose weight fast MM is more appropriate.

4, attention should be paid to the choice of honey
There are many kinds of honey, different kinds of effect is not the same, so how to choose honey? Like our common winter can recuperate intestines and stomach, Qi and moistening lung; Vitex honey can Qufeng detoxification, Runchang catharsis;Flowers honey is nourishing and protecting liver, lungs and phlegm. Therefore, in the choice of honey to distinguish clearly, grasp the knowledge that honey, from weight loss success will not be far away!

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