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Teach you nine not long stomach small coup

Belly fat is a lot of people "hate the big heart", how can we not long belly? Canada "Toronto star" the latest paper, launched a fresh 9 coup known.
1 after a meal to eat sweets, choose dark chocolate. After a meal to eat sweets, a high-quality dark chocolate is a good choice, low calorie.

2 calcium supplement. Intake of 1800 milligrams of calcium a day, can prevent 80 calories. Drink Coffee, add skim milk helps calcium supplement.

3 eat chili. Red chili substance capsaicin in short-term accelerate the human body The new supersedes the old. Dairy products than white boiling water can inhibit the capsaicin stimulates sweating, therefore, eat spicy food can with some milk products.

4 eat organic food. Contains organic bread and cereal dietary fiber, far more than the traditional bread and oatmeal.

5 keep the skin. Contains large amounts of dietary fiber potatoes, apples and pears and other fruits and vegetables in the skin. When eating orange, white matter outside the flesh is rich in dietary fiber, also contain heart healthy flavonoids.

6 go to the supermarket to Limaiqie good food. For example, cut, packaged ham sausage may only five or six, compared with a whole ham sausage, can reduce your caloric intake.

7 Eat a snack in the afternoon 3 points. Around 3 pm to eat low calorie snacks, can prevent the dinner eating lots of high calorie food. The optional 1 ounces (about 28 grams) of nuts or two cheese sticks, only 170 calories. Of course, there are a lot of fashion MM selection chewing slimming tablets to lose weight, lose weight piece as a snack eaten, one can meet their tastes, hand can suppress appetite, avoid excessive intake of calories and fat.

8 the total food on the plate. No matter what to eat, not directly from the packaging for food, or food packaging to the sofa to eat, the best food onto the plate. Will produce the visual impact the food on a plate, let us pay attention to eat On how much food. And from the package feeding, will make people imperceptibly to eat more. Disc loading can also quantify the food, eating on stop.

9 let your hands busy. Sit on the sofa, his hand will imperceptibly to food. If you let your hands busy, it can curb the "food" desire. For example, learn knitting, cross stitch, let the fingers busy Activities.

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